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About Us

The story of Mrs. Palmer's Pita Snacks

Is there really a Mrs. Palmer?

Well yes there is and as you might imagine, Mrs. Palmer is pretty passionate about cooking, eating healthy and about changing the snacking world through her delicious home-style pita treats. But to understand the origins of Mrs. Palmer’s Pita Snacks, we have to go back about 20 years ago or so...

The Story

Having suddenly found herself a single Mom, Mrs. Palmer needed a way to support her children.

Pursuing her love for cooking, Mrs. Palmer took to the kitchen, where she created a wonderful new recipe for a home-style Antipasto.

Every evening, while her children slept, Mrs. Palmer would stay up late, working into the wee hours in her kitchen, making and jarring her special Antipasto and on the weekends she would sell her creations at local farmer’s markets.

So good was her recipe, Canadian Airlines soon discovered Mrs. Palmer’s sensational Antipasto. They asked her if she would create miniature, jarred versions with crackers, for their passengers. At first Mrs. Palmer bundled the jars with generic, store bought crackers but unhappy with their quality, she headed to the kitchen once more, determined to create the perfect, all-natural cracker snacks!

It took a little experimenting, but before long Mrs. Palmer emerged from her kitchen with a delicious, novel new type of cracker; a puffy, light-as-air snack that tasted as good as it looked! In fact, the snacks were so delicious, Mrs. Palmer decided to package them and sell them on their own!

And so Mrs. Palmer’s Pita Snacks were born!

Find the pita snack flavour that suits your craving!

Made with all natural ingredients, Mrs. Palmer’s Pita Snacks finally
provide snackers all the indulgence… without the guilt!