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What's Your Flavour?

Your ‘snack buds’ are what call to you when you crave a little snack food indulgence. But not every snack craving is the same. Some snack cravings challenge you to indulge in flavours that are spicy and filled with adventure. Other times your ‘snack buds’ just want a little comfort food lovin’. That’s why Mrs. Palmer created her irresistible, all natural pita snacks in 4 mouth-watering varieties. Which flavour are your ‘snack buds’ craving? Click one of the choices below!

Parmesan & Garlic

Sea Salt & Vinegar

Smokey Barbecue

People Love Our Pita Snacks

``I absolutely love your pita snacks. The crunchiness and flavour profiles are incredible``

Chef Michael Smith, Chef and TV Personality