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Sea Salt & Vinegar

The Taste of the Maritimes

Mrs. Palmer’s Sea Salt & Vinegar Pita Snacks deliver the unmistakable tart, seasoned flavour of the maritimes in every bite. Pop one in your mouth, close your eyes and you can almost hear the rattle and clangs of bells and chains on the old barnacle clad Cape Breton skiffs dance with the rhythm of the waves, as the salty, coastal sea breeze licks your face. Escape to the seaside without ever leaving home!

Ingredients (English)

Enriched wheat flour, sunflower oil, seasoning (cornmaltodextrin, salt, sodium acetate, acetic acid, monosodium glutamate, citric acid, malic acid, calcium stearate), whole wheat flour, yeast, salt, evaporated cane sugar, natural flavour.

Ingredients (French)

Farine de ble enriche, huile de tournesol, assaisonnement (maltodextrine de mis, sel, sodium acetate, l’acide acetique, le glutamate monosodique, acide citrique, acide malique, calcium stearate), farine de ble entier, levure, sel, evapore sucre de canne, saveur naturelle.

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